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Block Disposable Emails

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Get 50 API requests per hour for FREE. If you need more, just let us know. Go to INTEGRATION page.

prevent fake users from all over the world to register to your website

How it works

You just need to create an account and setup your service to use our API. We'll block for you disposable emails and you'll have a DB with real users.

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Get 50 requests per hour
DB with real users

Why us

We have the biggest fake/disposable domains list - more than 23K domains

We are helped by users if we missed up some domains that should been blocked

Last but not least we are absolutely FREE

Key Features

Absolutely free

You can create an account with no cost

API access

Able to access our API immediately after registration

Free email service providers

Possibility to block free email service providers

Whitelist domains

Possibility to allow your own domains list

Browsable checker

Possibility to check domains directly from the browser


Get statistics about your blocked, safe, etc domains

block disposable email for free

Free of charge

Almost every disposable domain service is free of charge so we think is a good idea to give an alternative for this also free of charge


Easy to use

This service is easy to use. Our API is simple and very fast. We are giving you at least 50 API requests per hour.

block disposable email for free



Yes you can. If your service needs more than 50 requests per hour send us an email and let us know more about your service.

Find us at: contact [at] bdemails [dot] com

Unfortunately we don't give more than 200 browsable requests per month as we encourage you to use the API.

If you want access to the API you need to create an account first. It is free and you can create it from here.

We'll give you more examples about how to use it into the console page. To be able to access it you need to be authenticated.

{e.g. endpoint - https://bdemails.com/api/(text/json)/(api_key)/(domain)}

We made our "safe domains" public so if we missed up a domain and should be blocked you can report it. In this way you'll help yourself and others.

You can also make a donation to us. We need some big servers in order to save, parse and deliver the statistics that we are showing to you into the console.

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